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We will listen to your requirements and aspirations to design a truly bespoke project, creating individual and inspiring books that will provide both a corporate legacy and company insight for current and future generations of the business.

At Opus, everything starts with a conversation. We have perfected the art of listening and understanding, in order to create corporate history books that illuminate your business story – from the big picture to the smallest details.

Our specialist and highly experienced team understands the challenges, the sacrifices, the highs and the lows of creating and running a business. Most importantly, at Opus we appreciate the value of passing these stories on to future generations so that they will continue to grow your corporation from this shared knowledge.

"How can you put a value on not just your achievements but the learnings, passions, values and experiences gained in creating and building a landmark organisation?"

We are entrusted with a high level of confidentiality by our clients, and we acknowledge this responsibility in a serious and sensitive way. The testimonials below have been given by our clients with their express permission to use in this context.

Testimonial from Glen Sherrill, CEO, SteelFab: 

The best thing I can say about the work that LifeBook did for our family’s business is that we have placed at least four additional orders for the SteelFab book.

When I set out to put the history of our company in writing, I really only thought that a few of our partners and family members would be interested in reading it, but we have had a number of friends, clients and vendors ask for copies of the book. I am so glad that we took the time and spent the money to have the book written, and we plan on updating it within the next 10 years.

Testimonial from Ian Mays, former CEO, RES:

To create a history of our company from its inception to its 40th anniversary was always going to be challenging, but through LifeBook, and with its huge experience, expert guidance and support, we now have a book of which we are all incredibly proud. At the outset, the LifeBook team worked with us to set the objectives for this project and to plan how the book would be written and produced. The text was based primarily upon interviews with individuals, but the ability of the LifeBook editorial team to understand the business, help tease out facts and anecdotes and diplomatically ensure consistency was exceptional.

The book was written by LifeBook staff in an excellent, consistent style, and they struck an excellent balance between a very readable, enjoyable and, where appropriate, light-hearted history and a corporate record. They were very patient and helpful through the various iterations of editing and proofreading by us. Gathering photographs was a big exercise across the company, but their help in selection was very useful, as was their design and production of specific diagrams and tables for our appendices. 

The completed book is outstanding and has been applauded by all who have received a copy, whether hardback or electronic. It stands as an important and worthy record of the first 40 years of our company.

I would certainly warmly recommend LifeBook to any business seeking to prepare a corporate history.

Your stories are in good hands.

From the moment you decide to embark on a journey to create a tribute or celebration book, your dedicated project manager will be there to ensure that you have a magnificent, beautifully bound, section-sewn, linen-covered hardback book to share with your family and friends.

Our team of dedicated project managers, interviewers, ghostwriters, editors, typesetters, proofreaders, printers and bookbinders are about to become yours.

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